The nature of udeskole

The nature of udeskole: outdoor learning theory and practice in Danish schools
Udeskolebørn fra Rynkevangskolen redder et æg. Foto: Malene Bendix.


An increasing number of Danish teachers have started introducing school-based outdoor learning as a weekly or biweekly ‘outdoor school’ day for school children—often called udeskole in Danish. Although at least 14% of Danish schools practise this form of outdoor teaching with some classes, it is not mentioned in the national curriculum and little is presently known about the nature of udeskole. Drawing on a conceptual framework about different curriculum domains, we explore outdoor learning theory and practice in Danish schools. We describe and analyse the advocated pedagogy and didactics of the Danish udeskole movement as well as current practice through a review of the literature and a nationwide survey of 107 responding teachers. We also reveal discrepancies between the advocated and practised outdoor learning curriculum. Finally, we present recommendations on how to bridge these gaps and develop the practice further.


Udgiver: Journal of Adventure Education & Outdoor Learning, Vol. 12, No. 3, September 2012, pp. 199–219
Peter Bentsen og Frank Søndergaard Jensen.