Effectiveness of Outdoor Learning 2015

Engelsk rapport samler op på viden om den engelske Outdoor Learning.
Bro bro brille. Udeskolebørn fra Gl. Rye skole. Foto: Martin Einfeldt.

The Existing Evidence Base about the Effectiveness of Outdoor Learning 2015

The Blagrave Trust commissioned this review and report in early 2015 to support the development of a better evidence base for Outdoor Learning in the UK. The work had the explicit aim of assisting funders, policy makers, researchers, practitioners and other stakeholders in engaging with Outdoor Learning. UCL and Giving Evidence conducted the review, steered by a cross section of practitioners and researchers from the sector and chaired by IOL. The report was published in November 2015.

The report’s recommendations are steering the Institute in working with a range of organisations interested in outdoor learning research and practice. If you think you are able to contribute to this work or are interested in discussing the findings and recommendations in this paper further please contact us institute@outdoor-learning.org
The Existing Evidence-Base about the Effectiveness of Outdoor Learning - Final Report October 2015

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